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"EiroHoldings" Ltd. is one of the largest investment groups in Latvia which controls and manages significant assets in industrial sector in Latvia and abroad. The range of business within the interests and competence of the Group spreads across the following industries:
JSC "Tosmares Kugubuvetava" located in Liepaja is one of the oldest shipyards in the Baltic countries.


JSC "Tosmares Kugubuvetava"

was built in 1885-1990 for the repair of Russian military ships and boats.
After 1945 the enterprise was engaged
 in the same type of activities.
After the proclamation of Latvia's independence in 1992
subject to the legislation of Latvia "Tosmare"
was registered as State Joint Stock Company to be privatized.
In March, 2000 JSC "Riga Ship Yard" acquired the shares of State JSC "Tosmare"
registered in January 2000.
In May, 2000 in accordance with the decision of the Board the company was registered in the Register of LR enterprises 
under the name Joint Stock Company "Tosmares Kugubuvetava".
JSC "Tosmares Kugubuvetava" main types of activity are ship and boat repair;
special equipment repair.

EiroHoldings 2003-09 Address details of JSC "Tosmares Kugubuvetava":
Office address:
42/44 General Baloza Street,
Liepaja, LV-3402, Latvia
Phone: + 371 3471471
Fax: +371 3407370